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Take advantage of priority booking access to your Tattoo tickets plus enjoy exclusive events courtesy of our partners.

  • Access to priority booking to secure your Tattoo tickets and travel packages. Please note the priority booking window for 2022 has passed. 
  • Book for all the family with an increased maximum booking number – purchase up to 10 tickets.
  • Hear from Tattoo CEO, Buster Howes, with a digital members only welcome message.
  • Members Welcome Gift.
  • Souvenir ticket and lanyard in presentation case.
  • Gain priority access to our retail range and enjoy monthly members only discounts.
  • Stay up to date on all our Tattoo news with our quarterly e-newsletter.
  • Access to exclusive events and discounts with our partners.
  • Free downloadable screensavers for your mobile and desktop devices.

Read the Terms and Conditions for The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Membership. 


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