Elegant Tattoo Hospitality Packages


If you want more than a spectacular performance in a magnificent location, there is an impressive array of hospitality options each designed to offer the experience of a lifetime.

A Night to Remember at the Tattoo

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, entertaining business clients or simply wish to enjoy a memorable experience, an outstanding range of stylish and elegant hospitality is available offering the perfect evening’s entertainment.

Sample the best of Scottish cuisine, fine wine, malt whisky and superb service in spectacular, historic locations in both private and mixed dining settings. Sip champagne on the Castle ramparts, view the World’s largest collection of Scotch whisky or mingle with the Tattoo performers.

Choose from a variety of seating options – a VIP seat in the covered Royal Gallery, where you will be joined by the Salute Taker's party,  a superior Premier Seat with padded seat and backrest and an armrest or Standard Seats, ideally located within the outdoor amphitheatre, all with magnificent views of the Tattoo and Edinburgh Castle.

The perfect event for the experience of a lifetime.  Your guests will always remember the Tattoo – and you, their host.     


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