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Today, with its unique blend of music, ceremony, entertainment and theatre set against the amazing backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland's celebrated military spectacle is without question one of the world's greatest shows. At the heart of every Tattoo's universal appeal is the stirring sight of the massed pipes and drums of the Scottish regiments.

However the Tattoo is not just a Scottish show, nor is it confined to music. Over the years it has presented a whole host of international performers - civilian and military - from 30 countries. The result is an unforgettable annual celebration that is renowned worldwide.

Think of the Tattoo and one inevitably thinks of its majestic venue. There is no finer or prouder setting than that of Edinburgh Castle - a castle that has more foot traffic than any other Scottish visitor attraction. Each year, over 220,000 people see the Tattoo live and they are joined by a BBC UK television audience of six million and a further 100 million worldwide who tune in internationally. Sponsorship of this event gives access to global branding opportunities.

The Tattoo is effectively self-financing and receives little or no Government, Council or Arts grants. It generates income from a combination of Box Office receipts, merchandising a quality range of souvenir items, sponsorship, hospitality and royalties.

In the last few years the Tattoo's costs have risen at three times the rate of inflation. Sponsorship support is therefore of paramount importance in order to maintain the standard of the annual Tattoo production and help safeguard this great Scottish institution for the future.

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